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Are you searching for the most competitive quote for your health insurance needs? Perhaps your monthly premiums are too costly and you need more affordable coverage. Golden Trust has got you covered! We are committed to taking the worry out of finding the best coverage, while providing you with affordable solutions. We are an independent agency and our mission is to find you the right policy, at the right price. Like many things in life, health insurance can be confusing and complicated. Whether you've been insured for years or just starting your serach for a health care plan, Golden Trust is here to help. Individual and Family Health Insurance is designed to pay for a major part of your medical expenses and limit your liability for large medical issues. At Golden Trust, our goal is to help you strategize what is best for you and your family, whether you are in San Jose or anywhere in the Bay Area.Health Insurance is not a one plan fits all, not every plan will work for everyone, at Golden Trust, we provide in-depth information and guidance on all of the plans available.


In life, nothing is certain and the unexpected can always happen. The people in your life are worth protecting, YOU are worth protecting. 


You never know when you'll need health insurance, but when you do there's Golden Trust

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